The classroom is evolving. Windows is too.

Teachers. IT professionals. School staff. Technology suppliers. Students. One thing we all have in common is that we’ve all had to adapt to a changing learning environment.

Pandemic disruptions only accelerated the evolution of the classroom, turning every living room and every dining table into an extension of the school environment.

Reaching, engaging and inspiring students may have become a little more challenging, but new opportunities have also emerged. Microsoft and XMA are making sure everyone has the tools they need to deliver better hybrid learning.

Leading the way in education technology

If there’s one business that has kept us connected and productive throughout the pandemic, it’s been Microsoft. Thanks to the flexibility and reliability of technology like Teams and OneNote, teachers have been able to keep their classes on the right path, no matter where students are located. And here at XMA, we’re helping educators make the most of these tools.

XMA has a long history of providing schools and universities with all the IT they need to deliver desired learning outcomes, across all budget levels. Not only are we a Microsoft Gold Partner and Education Device Sales Specialists, but we also offer various purchasing options through public sector frameworks.

Bridging the digital divide with Windows 11

Affordable, practical and powerful Windows devices are soon to become even more useful – for educators and students alike. That’s because Windows 11 is almost here, set to unlock more accessibility features, frictionless hybrid learning, greater security from chip to cloud, and more flexible functionality designed for education.

Choose Windows 11-ready devices today and prepare for the next hybrid learning evolution.

How Microsoft and XMA transform user experiences

See how Microsoft and XMA can provide tools to help teachers, students and IT staff, work and learn more effectively.

Teacher Stella

Find out how XMA can help teachers like Stella to inspire the next generation better than ever before.

Student Michael

See how the right tech can encourage learning in the classroom and at home for students like Michael.

IT professional Priti

Learn how Windows 11 can enable IT professionals like Priti to manage hundreds of education devices with ease.

Get all the details and more

Download handy guides to the Microsoft learning ecosystem for more details on how Windows-powered devices, tools and technologies can improve learning outcomes and teacher experience.

Microsoft and hybrid classroom:
Better together

Adaptability and resilience have never been more important in education. Find out how Microsoft and XMA are enabling this, while enhancing the student learning experience.

Microsoft in the modern classroom

In a world of hybrid learning, discover how educators can
overcome the dual challenge of implementing technology
and keeping students engaged with the help of Microsoft
and XMA.

Helping you adapt

However your institution responds to the challenges and opportunities presented by remote learning, XMA can help. Using our years of education expertise, we’ll help deliver the right devices, with the right software and the right supporting services to help you unlock learning potential in your school or university.

Speak to a member of our team or contact us to find out more.